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Aziz Patel –  Great achiever and inspirational mentor

A property maestro, convincing speaker, inspirational mentor, a gifted athlete and a super writer; all these are traits of Aziz Patel. There are not many people, who can be good at so many things and still remain humble enough to help all those budding entrepreneurs.

There is always a story behind a successful person. Some get it easily,whereas some have to struggle their way up to the top place. The journey of Aziz Patel in Huddersfield was no different. Conditions were not favorable for him in the beginning. He used to work part time for a fast food chain where he would flip burgers to earn some bucks. But, he was an exceptional talent and with some hard work, he made his own way and came this far.

His investing journey was started during childhood. The only thing that he had with him was some great minds, who mentorB1FM9rkIEAAmfhg.jpg largeed him to excel in personal development, investing and business arena. Who would have imagined that from living in a 1 bedroom rented flat with his family, he will come so far that he will acquire a former mill owner’s residence at property auction at just the age of eighteen. This shows what this amazingly talented person is made of.

There are many people, who achieve things in life, but a very few of them come forward to help others to achieve their goals.Aziz Patel in Huddersfield, always remain enthusiastic to impart his knowledge and skills of  NLP training, success coaching and creative investing strategies.

Started with developing  UK’s student lettings agency, his journey was followed by ventures like residential lettings and management, estate agency, media, telecom franchisee, health and wellness spa.

Aziz was recognized for his efforts and service to the community at the age of 20, when he received the young achievers award by Sir Richard Branson.

He has been inspiring, empowering and facilitating entrepreneurs  become financially free by delivering seminars and workshops for several organizations and entrepreneurs in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

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How To Cash In On Property Auctions

“The ABC’s of property auctions will save you time and put cash into your vault!” – Aziz Patel, Property Maestro.

Want to acquire below market value properties via auctions, which can increased in value and sold for a quick profit?

You will learn how to create your own bank vault regardless of financial position, background and experience with Aziz’s newest book ‘Property Auctions – 7 Steps To Financial Freedom’.

  1. The auction process
  2. How to source deals for cash flow and profit
  3. Where to find auctions
  4. How to spot a bargain
  5. Your maximum bidding priceBl7eubhIcAAlrS6.jpg large
  6. The costs of buying at auction
  7. How to handle the legal aspects of the purchase
  8. How auctioneers operate
  9. The best bidding tactics
  10. Distressing property for massive profit
  11. How to avoid losing money
  12. How to gain a competitive advantage with agents and vendors
  13. The P.A.T.E.L. blueprint that saves time, energy and uncovers the deals investors miss out
  14. Auctioneer’s hidden strategies and techniques
  15. Cast studies of recent deals completed before, during and post-auction

Whether buying bargain property to live in, let for cash flow or trading for profit, the book on Property Auctions – 7 Steps To Financial Freedom’ is a must read.

Aziz Patel Bio

Renowned dynamic entrepreneur, speaker and property maestro, Aziz facilitates entrepreneurs in transforming their wealth from the inside out, with street-smart investing strategies and breakthroughs. Aziz is an active investor and developer, with a diverse residential and commercial portfolio that spans across England and Wales.

He inspires, empower and facilitate entrepreneurs in becoming financially free, delivering seminars and training for organizations, investors and entrepreneurs in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

Aziz started his investing journey from childhood, fortunate during his teen’s to be mentored by some of the greatest minds in the personal development, investing and business arena.  He came from humble beginnings of living in a rented flat with his family, from flipping burgers part time for afast food chain, to successfully acquiring a former mill owner’s residence via auction before his 18th birthday.

A passion for buying auction property was born. He was a pioneer in developing one of the first UK student lettings agencies in the UK, ventures followed by residential lettings and management,estate agency, telecom’s franchisee, media, health aBmzCqn7IYAID1r1.jpg largend wellness spa’s.

Whilst still in his early 20’s,he was recognized for his efforts and service to the community with Young Achievers Award by Sir Richard Branson.

Aziz is on a mission to help others achieve their goals through his knowledge, passion and experience, including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),coaching, consulting and creative investing strategies. He has since guided hundreds of Entrepreneurs towards millions of pounds of profit, before and since the last property boom… from acquiring, controlling and selling using his renowned expertise of property auctions.

Having been an avid football player and athlete, is a serving ambassador of Santa Maria Foundation Charity,global traveler, devoted husband and father, author of a number of business professional development publications and programmers, including Property Auctions – 7 Steps To Financial Freedom and regarded one of UK’s sought after speakers in helping investors become 7 figure entrepreneurs.

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